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How to Find People to Remarket to in 30 seconds

When I did the Social Media for Professional course in September 2013, I thought was already pretty special but what Zoe Wyatt showed me how to use Facebook's power editor I was hooked. You don't need the power editor any more to make an audience … [Read more]

Stop trying to have sex with me on the first date!

I'm talking figuratively about advertisers in general, well, I mean you can try, you'll always find very special people who'll say "yes", but it's not really a long term strategy. I've been hearing a lot of questions in the group about "how do I … [Read more]

Five first steps for starting you own business

Guest Post by Julie Rainbow Starting you own business always carries risk. This uncertainty makes many entrepreneurs nervous about taking their first steps. After almost a decade working in senior management for national and global IT … [Read more]

Conchita Wurst vs Evergreen Content

Guest Post by Catherine MacAdam Conchita Who? Before May 2014 you had probably never heard of Conchita Wurst. And if you are not a Eurovision tragic, you may not know who she is: Conchita (aka Tom Neuwirth) is the newly crowned winner of this … [Read more]

4 Bites at the Success Cherry – How to Pitch your Business to QBG

So you joined the group as a way to sell more stuff right? Me too. So did 4000+ other members. You've probably had a post deleted and don't know why. Sorry about that, we just don't have time to write to everyone but we do want to help your promote … [Read more]

Weekend Stories: A Ray Of Sunshine For Kids And Young Adults With Special Needs

Last weekend I told our Facebook group of almost 4000 members there would be a surprise for someone who shared a Weekend Story with our community. There were a couple of criteria they needed to meet - the story needed to be brief (<250 words) and … [Read more]

7 things for entrepreneurs to urgently focus on in 2014

[This blog has been re-posted with permission from Daniel Priestley and the team at] I believe that we are going through a massive transition as a civilization. It’s not too dissimilar to what the renaissance was … [Read more]

Why press releases are our cup of tea

When I first started my business in the UK, I was educated about the importance of press releases by a dear friend of mine who also wrote my first press release which was subsequently published on the Internet.  It gained a lot of traction, people … [Read more]

Why women are great at social media

I was talking to a chap at our Likeability Company Launch who said to me prior to the launch, that he didn't get social media. In fact, most chaps that I have spoken to, don't.  In fact, one of my ex's explanations for the failure of our marriage … [Read more]

We are getting to know Queensland Business even better with two major changes this past week

Well! What can I say: two major developments in Queensland Business where I expected a major upheaval: a major revolt in fact and in fact the opposite has been true. The first major change we made to Queensland Business is that we changed … [Read more]