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The 3 Steps to the Perfect Elevator Pitch

elevator pitch


You know how the first question most people ask you is always “What do you do?”

Well you’d be surprised how many business owners don’t take the opportunity to really take advantage of that opening with a decent answer that makes people want to hear more. Mastering the art of a good pitch can do wonders for getting you in the right doors. Knowing how to articulate your pitch inside 90 seconds become the challenge for us. We really wanted to help our members come across as informative without being “sell-y”, how to be conversational, and natural in a pitch was a big must for us.

So what we did was go in search for the holy grail of pitches to solve all the problems we identified to build our community up around that. What we found was a beautiful 3 step formula developed by Antony Gaddie that not many people know about, called the Gaddie Pitch and it really fits the bill.

Because of its simplicity, it makes remembering your pitch a breeze so if you suddenly find yourself in an elevator with the CEO of the company you want to sell to, or at a BBQ with new friends, you can feel really confident in your delivery. People who use the formula find that when they get the “what do you do?” question, the answer makes people ask more questions. They want to know more about you from your response.

People actually like talking about your business with this approach, it’s amazing.

In fact, we liked it so much we have been running regular networking events dedicated to practising Gaddie Pitches between business owners and they all LOVE it. Some of our testimonials include:

“In the last 5 years of all the networking events I’ve ever been to, this is the best!” – Paul Barrs, Paul Barrs Publishing.

“If all networking events were run like this I would go to more of them.” – Andrew R. Edwards, Digital Marketing Strategist.

So how does it work? Well here is Antony Gaddie himself giving a short tutorial to explain the basics.


Step 1: What do you do? Start with “YOU KNOW HOW …..” and follow with your Target Client and Problems they face.

For example: You know how business owners often have trouble responding to the question “what do you do”?

Step 2: Follow that step with “WHAT WE DO IS …..” and the Benefits and Feelings enjoyed by people who patronise your business.

For example: What the Gaddie Pitch does is make it easy to remember and deliver your pitch in a way that leaves everyone feeling relaxed and conversational and they’ll ask more questions.

Step 3: Start the last step with “IN FACT ….”  and tell a story or Case Study about how you did really well for someone or a company.

For example: In fact there were 30 people at our last networking event who gave us 5 star ratings just because of the Gaddie Pitch.

Easy right? There are only 3 things to remember.

Still need a hand?

Practise make perfect right? So let’s practise your pitch in a friendly environment together.  You should come along to our special business networking sessions in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast that are designed to encourage people to practise their pitch and create real sales at the same time.  What we find is people really workshop it, constantly improving on what they say and how they say it.

Rather than saying the same thing over and over again, what we do in our networking session is to split the practise up into three rounds with unique people guaranteed to be sitting with you at each one.  This is great for a few reasons.

Firstly, you get to showcase your business to a minimum of 20 people, which means you don’t get stuck with the same person all night which you may have experienced at other networking events.  Also, if you’re not as confident as other people seem to be, it’s a great way of getting people to talk to you.

Secondly, we employ a special mathematical formula to ensure you don’t ever say your pitch to the same person twice on the night.  So if you’re a little wobbly on the first round, you get to start afresh in the next ones.  By the end you’ll be a seasoned pro, plus you’ll have learned what you like from the other participants and can start to duplicate what you like about theirs (or stop doing what you don’t like).  This round robin element to our event means your message is really heard by everyone, plenty of business is done at our tables as a result.  Which makes sense right, you’ve got a great pitch and the most efficient method for everyone to hear it.

Thirdly, we have a group of 5000+ verified business owners (yep we vetted every one) that you can reach via our directory which has an About You section.  Guess what we recommend you put in that space???  So while you’re perfecting your elevator pitch with like minded people, the next day you’ll be able to enjoy a much wider reach with it.  But that’s not all.

What we’re finding is that our little directory is loved by Google.  Within a couple of days of creating a listing in it, our members are ranked in the top ten for their name search on Google’s search engine response with our little URL.  This is pretty cool considering we all know that the first thing we do in business is Google the person we’re dealing with.  Which means your little pitch is getting viewed by potential customers.  What we find is, that they like you a LOT more quickly with this About You.

Hopefully you’re starting to get the picture.  Your simple little elevator pitch can quickly became your secret weapon online and off. If you’re interested in attending a Gaddie Pitch Networking Event, here are the upcoming events we’re hosting in the near future.  If you want to receive more information in the future, please subscribe to our group updates.

Upcoming Events

QBG Networking Gaddie Pitch Events

QBG Networking Gaddie Pitch Events

See you soon!

Phil, May King and Caroline.